Spira brings you the Evolution of Quality

Spira Systems utilizes a Laser Measuring Machine (LMM) to measure all of our stators. This unique tool measures not only the minor diameter but also the entire contour of the stator without physically contacting the elastomer.

The accuracy associated with the LMM is much higher than standard industry instruments due to its elimination of rubber compression.

Because expanding blade measurements tend to run larger than LMM measurements, Spira Systems customers are provided with a comprehensive report illustrating both measurement methods allowing you to compare your historic sizing baseline to the stator’s true dimensions.

Rotor contour is equally as important as stator contour to ensure proper fit between the rotor and stator interface.

At Spira Systems we utilize the latest technology in Absolute Encoder Measuring Arms to measure all of our rotors and cores. This ensures that we are obtaining a close match not only in minor, but also in profile.

The combination of these two high end measuring devices allows Spira the ability to determine the exact profiles of every rotor, stator and reline supplied by Spira as well as the exact fit between the rotor and stator. As an added benefit, both of these units are completely portable allowing Spira the ability to conduct on-site measurement of rotors and stators at the customer’s locations.