Performance Curves

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Performance Summary (Conventional)

Performance Summary (Spira/TNT)

Conventional HRD

Our conventional power sections are manufactured using a hard nitrile (HRD) compound optimized for swell resistance in water, saturated brine, and oil-based drilling fluids. The harder compound minimizes deformation and hysteretic losses yielding extended elastomer life and fewer relines relative to traditional nitrile. In increasingly challenging applications, HRD power sections last where traditional NBR sections wear out.

SPIRA® Uniform Wall

SPIRA® uniform-wall power sections are our highest performing stators and require fewer relines relative to conventional sections. The uniform elastomer wall swells evenly and can therefore deliver better performance over higher temperatures, longer run times, and more aggressive drilling fluids. The spiral-formed tube is more cost-competitive than other uniform-wall manufacturing methods and offers the added advantage of minimizing differential sticking in a well.

SPIRA® TNT (Tube-In-Tube) Uniform-Wall

SPIRA® Tube-In-Tube (TNT) stators offer all of the high performance benefits of uniform-wall stators and are manufactured by encapsulating a spiraled tube inside a traditional round tube. Choose a SPIRA® TNT power section when you need a higher lobe configuration, while still enjoying the advantages of fewer relines and improved performance in hot, aggressive downhole conditions.